Valdosta Christian School offers...

-- a commitment to excellence in all areas in  
   order  to nurture, develop and sustain our
   youth in  God's calling for their lives.


--class sizes ranging from 5 -  10 students .


--a structured and accelerated academic


--a school environment that celebrates diversity and team partnerships with parents.


    Valdosta Christian School is committed to Excellence in all!  VCS provides customized Individual Educational Plans for all students, to ensure every child is advancing at the necessary level. 


There are NO COOKIE CUTTER children, therefore our program is designed to provide academic nurturing to the special needs of each scholar.


Student Assessment and implementation creates a customized  learning environment rather than a one size fits all.

   Our mission is to provide anengaging and comprehensive educational program in a nurturing and stimulating environment that emphasizes Christianity, Excellence in Service, Academics, and Self.


We seek to develop the whole person -- the mental, physical, social, and spiritual aspects --
so that we can work towards creating a more humane existence not only for ourselves but for the entire world.