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About Bright Start Preschool in Valdosta

Our school is a structured learning environment designed to prepare students to exceed benchmarks in Kindergarten. We care for children from 6 weeks to 12 years, and provide a range of age appropriate resources and activities to encourage their development right up until they are ready to join school.

Our Core Values

What We Believe…

  • Safety - We believe that our environment must be safe for each child to explore, learn, and grow.
  • Unique - We believe that the families of our program are unique, and we strive to provide a program designed to meet those needs.
  • Preparation - We believe that early detection and intervention is key to optimum growth for early learners, and we strive to connect families with community resources designed to assist families as necessary to promote the individual growth of each child from birth to age 5.
  • Professionalism - We believe that professionalism is a pillar of importance, achieved through providing clear and concise communications to families, honoring our commitments, and being committed to excellence.
  • Opportunity - We believe that the learning environment must provide opportunities to expand each child’s horizon, through hands-on experiences.
  • Relationships & Respect - We believe that respect for each other is the key to building and maintaining relationships.
  • Teamwork - We believe that the early years of a child’s life are the most formidable, and through the teamwork of our staff and families, each child will receive a Bright Start!

BSP is your SUPPORT.

Mission Statement

BSP provides a Christian-based curriculum that is structured to promote the individual growth of each child.

Bright Start Preschool provides a language rich environment that promotes sincere love and affection coupled with fair, firm and consistent discipline, designed to help children understand their words and emotions.

We provide reliable, supportive, and compassionate care that will continuously evolve to meet the ever changing needs of our families because we are an extension of the family village.

About Our Valdosta Location

When you visit us here at Bright Start Preschool, you’ll see first hand what makes us different!

Our facility includes:

  • Spacious and thoughtfully decorated classrooms over-stocked with age appropriate supplies, toys, and equipment.
  • The opportunity for families to participate in numerous field trips.
  • Activities and events planned outside of school hours to promote family engagement.
  • A resource center is available for families, who are encouraged and given tools to promote education at home.
  • A dedicated space for our youngest children, with a peaceful sleeping alcove and big rocking chairs where babies are held and fed..

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6 Weeks - 6 Months - The Newborn Nursery

Our nursery is designed to create a warm and secure environment for your infant. Our Newborn Nursery is designed specifically for non-mobile newborns and infants. This class provides small class ratios of 1 teacher : 4 students, and a maximum class size of 8. From the peaceful sleeping alcove to the big rocking chairs where babies are held and fed, your child is in a very special place at Bright Start Preschool.

Our teachers spend lots of time cuddling and talking to your baby to instill trust and provide a healthy early learning environment for movement, exploration, and communication.

6 Months - 15 months - The Tiny Twaddlers

From crawlers to runners, Bright Start's teachers in the Tiny Twaddlers and "Get Set" Programs provide support for our infants as they become more mobile, and begin moving around. Your “twaddler” will begin transitioning from the use of a pacifier, as well as learning to play in small group settings.

We focus on discovery and social growth, supporting children's development with daily circle time, stories, and imaginative play.

15 Months - 24 months - The Wonderful Ones

Our active One year olds are transitioning into busy little toddlers at a fast pace in this classroom. Children are transitioned from high chairs to tables, as well as from cribs to cots. Our Language Rich Environments strive to help our little ones find and use their words.

2 Year Olds - The Terrific Toddlin’ Toddlers

Toddlers are incredibly energetic and curious, something we aim to encourage throughout their time with us! We continue to build on their self-help skills, extending the foundation of their learning and inspiring them with a lifelong love of learning.

By combining imaginative play, arts and crafts, circle time, outdoor play, and more, we are able to provide children with an environment that makes learning fun. Our two year old classrooms are the transition classes of our children from toddlers to preschoolers. These classrooms are committed to potty training and increasing the self help skills of our little ones.

Children will also continue to build their social skills, taking part in group activities and learning to understand concepts such as sharing and turn-taking.

3 Year Olds - The Curious Caterpillars

Imagine watching your child flourish in our preschool learning program. With bright classrooms and large playgrounds, the 3 year olds classroom creates the backdrop for your child's preschool educational success. Our classrooms provide structured learning environments, using a curriculum designed to prepare our students for Kindergarten. Our K3 Students are required to wear school uniforms daily.

Learning centers for math, science, dramatic play, music, creative art and computers provide opportunities to balance both shared and independent learning experiences. Our teachers incorporate theme-related materials, individual learning goals, and child-engagement to create an engaging learning environment.

Pre-Kindergarten students are required to wear school uniforms daily.

4 Year Olds - Free GA Pre-K

Bright Start Preschool is a Private Owned Childcare Program in Valdosta, Georgia that offers the Free Georgia Pre-K Program. Eligible students must be 4 years of age on or before September 1st, of the current school year.

Merging Teaching and Childcare

We believe that it’s never too early to start learning and that it’s vital to always present opportunities for children to learn and grow as soon as they start at our center.

By developing our programs with curriculum experts and childcare specialists, we’ve been able to hone in on what makes early education a success and created a learning program that allows our children to enter school seamlessly.

Bright Start Preschool is a Christian based school and engages students in daily bible based learning activities.

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